Happy Christmas everyone!!

Just a quick one to wish all the onemanandhisbag’ers and bag’ettes a very merry christmas!

How do you like yours?


Christmas tree at Martins Place, Sydney

I even got to play some carols, thanks to Bandmaster Ben of Sydney Salvation Army Congress Hall band – top bloke mate!

Half way round the world, and I still got to go caroling on Christmas eve!!

Or, AUSTRALIAN-Australian style!

Bondi beach, baby!! HOT! HOT! HOT!

Whatever you’re doing have a blast!!!  My Christmas is nearly over, yours has just begun. Lots of love, Gordie (the onemanandhisbag guy) XX

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2 Responses to Happy Christmas everyone!!

  1. Nella Parker says:

    Jealous? Us?You bet your sweet booty we are! Looks fab. Enjoy. xxs

  2. Louise (mum) says:

    We’ve got blue sky and sunshine too! nana na nana! not quite the same background though! have a hotty christmas lots of love, ma ‘n pa XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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