Introducing. . . . THE BAG!

The final piece of the puzzle is in place.  Most of you have known the ‘one man’ for sometime, so it’s only right to now introduce the missing ingredient in the onemanandhisbag story – THE BAG!

And here he is in all his glory!

Borne from the loins of Karrimor he is capable of fitting 60 litres of schtuff within his innards.  His straps, that will be hugging me around the World, are adjustable and therefore able to give precise hugging when required, very important.  There is also a stunt double bag into which the main character will disappear whilst in transit on dem big planes and t’ing.  Apparently ‘the man’ doesn’t like straps and stuff flapping around in the hold.

So, that’s it, I’m set.  Pretty much.  Well, you know, I’ve got most of the pieces in place.  The main list on the wall for travel related stuff has one remaining thing to complete and that’s the purchase of a new camera (generously funded by Family Woollacott as a double Christmas/Birthday present – beautiful, thank you thank you!)

The first few nights accommodation are booked in Thailand at the rather nice looking Loft Inn (  I figured, for the first couple of nights whilst my tummy churns and my brain comes to terms with what my heart has done, somewhere fairly nice to stay would be preferable.  Also, with it being Thailand, the ‘nice place’ to stay comes in on budget.  The budget being around £40 a day for everything!  Doesn’t sound a lot but in context of the time I’ll be away that’s over £10,000 – EEK!  I guess the budget will be one of the most challenging things to keep on top of.

After the first four nights it’s anyones guess as to what’s going to happen!  I’ve spotted some info on an elephant sanctuary that looks well worth a visit, and also some awesome waterfalls outside of Bangkok.  I might venture over the border into Cambodia or I may try and get to some coastal area, perhaps Phuket.  I have been fully warned and educated in the most dangerous pitfall of Bangkok, that being the mistake-ification of a man for a lady (or how it was put to me more recently – a she-man!!!)  According to my friend Deb Howse, these she-men really are quite beautiful and she struggled to spot the difference.  Well, I have come up with the perfect plan to foil their dastardly ways – no kissing/hugging/holding hands with anyone in Thailand who resembles either a man or a woman.  Simples.  Mind you, those elephants had better pucker up!! 😉

This could possibly be the last bloggings on British soil.  My train ticket is booked for Monday at 16.12 to take me to St. Pancras and then on to Heathrow via the tube – start as you mean to go on!  With this in mind there is a public announcement to follow.  Word is spreading fast about the onemanandhisbag story, and already there are cheap immitations available – do not accept anything but the real deal!  In particular watch out for this chap ——> is an imposter and must be stopped (the devil)!!!!

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3 Responses to Introducing. . . . THE BAG!

  1. Emma M says:

    To The Rucksack,
    Keep Gordie safe and hug him plenty. x

  2. Rusty D says:

    You are right that is an imposter in the second photo but I had to check twice the likeness to your good self is uncanny:-)

    Remember if a lady has a hairer chest than you chances are they are a lady-boy/man, so best avoid:-)

  3. Nella Parker says:

    Re your fondness for elephants..remember they are pregnant for ages, giving you ample time to have your fun and beat it, before anyone knows!

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