London Nights

Just for kicks I thought I’d give the blog a bit of a test drive after my night out down in that there London.

Took the train from MH after watching the mighty Spurs turn round a 2-0 halftime scoreline in the gooners backyard to run out 3-2 winners! It’s taken 17 years and could NOT have come at a better time or in a better fashion.

I got chatting to a chap on the train who was travelling down from Leeds uni for a night out in the schmoke with friends. It turned out he supports Man U but it was too late, we were already conversing so I just had to roll with it! Surprisingly, I’ve been to Old Trafford more times than he has. Sarcasm overload, I guess he’s just your typical Man U fan. He bored me for a while showing me his new Samsung phone which looks exactly like my iPhone but runs a . . . . . . infact I’m boring myself recollecting it, move on.

Arrived at St Pancras and was greeted with many glum looking gooners, haha! Proper made my day! It’s normally me looking like that after a North London Derby. In a bizarre way I think they probably feel worse, I’m used to it they’re not!

Negotiated my way through the Underground over to Victoria. I love London, I love the atmosphere and the smells you get down on the tube. It’s almost a mechanical smell if that’s possible mixed with warm air. It all reminds me a lot to of my little Gran who used to live in Fulham (not that she smelt mechanical mixed with warm air). I had some brilliant times in London with my family, back in the day!

So, couple of drinks in the Sports bar at Victoria station with Nigel before heading off to meet up with some friends over in Camden Town what, what. It worked out well thanks to facebook check-in! A couple of friends spotted I was on my way to the schmoke and invited me and Nigel along with them. Bloody good job too, as my hostess with the mostess bailed on us at about 11.30! I lost the guys I was with for quite a while at one point, although I did discover that “I’ve lost my friends” is a great ice breaker!!
Ok, here’s the first good thing to come out of this practice post. I really MUST take note of the places I go to! The first pub was The Black Heart but I can’t remember the name of the club! Anyway, it was brilliant and quite probably the busiest dance floor I’ve ever been on. In fact, it seemed as if the whole place was just one big dance floor. Haha, I like that. How cool would it be if the world was just one big dance floor? I’m damn sure going for a dance around it whatever it is!

The Club kicked us out at 3am, which was then followed by a brief dalliance with a couple of the lads and an establishment professing to offer a ‘sauna and massage’ at 3am! I say brief dalliance as the entrance fee was £15 then another £60 for a 30 minute ‘sauna and massage’ so needless to say they returned pretty sharply and joined me by spending their sauna money on a footlong with chips instead! A no doubt entirely more satisfying outcome under the circumstance if you ask me.

And so, 4am, Chelsea supporting minicab man from West Africa dropped me off in the vicinity of Nigels apartment. He didn’t know the address so I just got out at Victoria station and in a drunken wobbly giggly style successfully stumbled through the reception area feeling pleased that I’d found my way back. All good pioneering skill practice!

Luckily Nigel heard me knocking and let me in to a brief torrent of abuse for abandoning me.

Brushed teeth. Pint of water. Quick pee. Bed.

Me, Nigel, Kev and Neil doing ‘Queen’ (kinda!)

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2 Responses to London Nights

  1. Monkey says:

    Good work gordo!

  2. Gordie says:

    From Neil Sparks via facebook -: mate i just read your blog – its quality ! i seem to recall you ordering a hot dog meal one from that snide takeaway and a toothless homeless scot guy trying to ‘fluff’ me for change by pointing out the insightfull co-incidence that we were both wearing glassess!. When you gave him the remains of your takeaway he literally (and it was literally) all over your gift like a tramp on chips. Plus the cheeky vagrant even nicked the end of the can of coke.

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